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aviche. September 24, 2021

FAQ- All you want to konw about AVICHE Air purifier

Recently, many customers have asked questions about the AVICHE wearable air purifier through the website, in order to better help everyone answer their doubts. This article will give the most comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions. If you have similar questions, just continue to click on the following article.
1 Where can I buy AVICHE Air Purifier
A: we have distributors in the Philippines, Thailand, India, europe and other countries. You can buy from the distributors

Also, you can also buy from AVICHE's official stores on Alibaba, Amazon and AliExpress

2 How to check if my AVICHE personal air purifier is genuine?
Recently, there have been fake AVICHE Air purifier on the market. If you are not sure whether the purifier you bought is genuine. You can message us the serial number of the product (on the back of the outer package )you bought so that we can check if it's original AVICHE

3 Does Aviche emit ozone?

The aviche personal air purifier hardly releases ozone and has no effect on the body.

4 Can pregnant women wear personal air purifier?

The  pregnant women wear it, but we recommend that pregnant women follow their doctor's advice.

5  Can replace the lanyard of AVICHE air purifier with normal lanyard?

The wearable air purfier lanyard is made by conducting filament , whch can't be replaced by normal lanyard.

6 Is it also normal that it always on beeping ?

It's normal that there is beeping sound, which is released by negative ions generator. It's on working condition.

7 how to tell whether it is working properly
There are two ways: 1. Put the device under your nose, you will feel a slight air movement, it means the device is releasing negative ions.

2. The slight air movement can be felt when you put device close to the earlobe.

8 Does the newly purchased air purifier necklace need to be charged?
All products are fully charged before leaving the factory, so there is no need to charge them for too long if you just unbox it. The red light will disappear automatically when the wearable air purifier is fully charged.
If you have any questions about AVICHE air purifier and need to consult, please feel free to communicate with us through the website's message, or you can send an email to, our staff will reply you within 48 hours of receiving the message

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