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aviche. October 12, 2021

Anti-Counterfeit Claim From Official AVICHE

Dear All Customers and Distributors

We found there are many fake AVICHE Air Purifiers including AVICHE M1 and AVICHE M1 3.0 in the market recently. These fake products are counterfeiting AVICHE’s LOGO and package and are selling very lower price in Lazada, Shopee and some facebook shops.

According to our testing, these fake products cannot pass the safety tests of CE standards, and no warranty, no after-sale service, no AVICHE’s core technology, which are largely affecting customer’s health and AVICHE brand.

To protect the customer’s legal rights and interest, we have made the statement to help customers distinguish the fake products and not to be deceived when buying. At the same time, AVICHE will adopt legal means and work with consumers to resolutely resist all counterfeit and shoddy products.

If you can't tell if bought a fake,please feel free to send the details of products via message. Our staff will help you judge if it's authentic

Subscribe our website and we will continue to update the fakes shops. Help you avoid you from buying fake AVICHE.

Anti-Counterfeit Claim From Official AVICHE

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