Wearable Air Purifier W1 Wearable Air Purifier W1

AVICHE wearable air purifier -W1 can release 20 millions of negative ions to remove bacteria, allergen, smoke, PM2.5

Wearable Air Purifier W1

Wearable Air Purifier W1

Wearable Air Purifier W1

Breath clean air:  W1 personal air purifier , with 20 million negative ions,it can effectively isolate and decompose airborne dust, tobacco odor, second-hand smoke particles and pollen.

Long-lasting:  After the personal air purifier is fully charged for 6-7 hours and fully charged, it  can be used continuously for 30-35 hours. Charging method: usb charging.             

Take it on the go:  only 38 grams, it is a neck-mounted air purifier. 

One-year warranty:  If you purchase within the normal operating range, the first failure occurs within one year from the date of failure, damage or other problems, we will provide a warranty for the product.

What's included:   Air purifier, User's Manual, usb charging cable, Lanyard


Wearable Air Purifier W1

Wearable Air Purifier W1



Fresh air is indispensable for a healthy life. AVICHE W1 wearable Air purifier can help you solve all kinds of potential air problems in life, including dust, pollen, PM2.5, smoke, dust mites, bacteria and viruses, etc.With AVICHE W1,you can breath fresh air wherever you go.

HOW IT works

HOW IT works

AVICHE wearable Air purifier is the leading wearable air purifier on the market. W1 wearable air purifier emits 20 million negative ions every second from the brush on top .Micro negative ions can actively capture fine particles, like allergens,viruses,dust, and push pollutants away from your breathing zone; 

The AVICHE W1 Electrostatic Purification radiates a 1m³ of safer air in any direction, creating a sphere of protection against harmful pollutants.

Strong purification

Strong purification

AVICHE wearable air purifier W1 can release 20 million negative ions can effectively isolate and decompose airborne dust, odor, second-hand smoke particles and pollen powder blocks, and harmful substances (such as PM2.5), which can reduce 99% of cigarette smoke in 15 seconds.

15s purification tset

15s purification tset

AVICHE wearable air purifier -W1 uses micro negative ions instead of filters, it can purify air more faster, can effectively remove 99.9% PM2.5,smoke in 15s

Portable & Durable

Portable & Durable

It only 38 grams,this wearable air purifier is simple and stylish. It can be hung around the neck or on the car. It is very stylish and can be used to create clean, good air areas in travel, public places or other places with poor air quality. Let fresh air stay with you forever.

Long work time

Long work time

It can work continuously for 30-35 hours.

long battery life: it can be recharged over 500 times.

Green light:  always on / turn Off when  no electricity

Red light:     always on when charging

                    Turn off after charging

breath 1m3 fresh air

breath 1m3 fresh air

Micro negative ions spread farther and have higher activity. They diffuse around the human body and form a protective layer of 1m3 around to provide fresh and safe air.

breath fresh air wherever you go

breath fresh air wherever you go

This wearable Air purifier is only 39g, there is no pressure to wear. With this W3 air purifier necklace, no matter what wheverver you are, then it will silently emit 20 million micro negative ions per second, forming an invisible health shield around you to protect you from harmful substances, and offering you safe and fresh air.

·  Travel

·  Home

·  Sleep

·  Work

Product Name

Wearable Air Purifier 




White /Blue / Pink or OEM

Negative Ions


>20 million/cm3(output)



<15 dB

Effective area

Up to1m3

Dimension (L x W x H)

65 x 45 x 33 mm

Net Weight


Power Source

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Charge Current

200 mA

Charge Time

2-3 hours

Operating Time

30-35 hours

Battery Capacity

350 mAh



Battery Lifecycle

 >500 times




  • Q1: What is Your MOQ and delivery time?

    In general, our MOQ is 1000pcs for OEM, 100pcs for distribution, 1-2 pc for end users. The delivery time is 30-40 days for OEM, 14days for stock.

  • Q2: What certificates do you have for your products?

    All our products have CE&RoHS certificate. We also can do it as customers' requirement.

  • Q3: How can I get some samples?

    Sample order is acceptable. Some items are free for your test. Some items need to pay the sample fee, but all sample fee can be returnable after the final order confirmed.

  • Q4: How does your factory control quality?

    We have strict quality control system from Raw Materials control, Process control and Test of finished products.  Each piece will be tested before packing.

  • Q5: What is the product warranty?

    One year guarantee. Three years for accessories to repair.

  • Q6: What is Aviation Technology?

    We belong to Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), which is a leading developer of military aviation technology in China, We turn the technology to health and home care industry for civil use.

  • Q7: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

    Our company located in Jinan city, Shandong Province, China. You can fly to Jinan Airport or take a High-Speed Rail (HRS) train to Jinan West High-Speed Rail Station, We will pick you up.



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