Super Air Purifier Y4A Super Air Purifier Y4A

Super Air Purifier designed for large room, hotel, hospital and conference room etc. It used patented micro negative ions technology can make the PM2.5 reduce to 0 in in 5 minutes

Super Air Purifier Y4A

Designed for big space: 360o full circulation, efficient area up to 100 m2

Real-time display:  about the air quality like PM2.5, chemical pollutants, tempera ture and humidity etc.

Micro Negative ions: release 20 million pcs/cm3 micro negative ions, and have excellent to remove PM2.5, smoke, pollen, bacteria and virus.

Multiple purification: Bamboo filter+ HEPA filter +Activated charcoal+ Photocata lysis coating

Coverage: living room, office, kitchen, hospital

What's included: Air purifier with filters installed, User's Manual, power cable


Super Air Purifier Y4A

Super Air Purifier Y4A

what’s in your air?

what’s in your air?

The concentration of pollutants in indoor air is much higher than outdoor air. It is estimated that 2.2 million people die from indoor air pollution each year (in comparison, outdoor air pollution causes 500,000 deaths). Indoor air pollution is currently one of the most serious environmental problems and an important source of many diseases.

Negative ion purification

Negative ion purification

Using fullerene micro particle size negative ion technology, which can release 20 million pcs/cm³ micro particle size negative ions, not only can effectively remove harmful substances in the air, but also allows you to enjoy the forest fresh air.

UV sterilization

UV sterilization

Y4A super air purifier with UV light, air is pulled into machine,where exposed to uv light. UV light can destroy the virus DNA structure, which kills them or leaves them incapacitated. Compared to common air purifier, air purifier with UV light can effectively kill virus and bacteria in the air.

Real-time display

Real-time display

Real-time display

Y4A equipped K3 intelligent remote control terminal, Users can remote control the main unit. The intelligent remote control terminal can be also used as air quality monitor. It can real-time display PM2.5, Chemical Pollutants(HCHO), Temperature, Humidity, Timing and  Fan Speed.

360° air circulation Efficient area: up to 100 m<sup>2</sup>

360° air circulation Efficient area: up to 100 m2

Patented new technology air duct system, 360° dead-zone free air intake design and patented the oblique blow pressurization air duct technology, the nature real fresh air is directly blowed out to room roof and fall down to long distance space, which can quickly complete room air circulation and air balance. It can quickly create PM2.5 <10 fresh air room evironment.

Rapid purification of the whole house

Rapid purification of the whole house

Rapid purification of the whole house

Particulate matter CADR 503.1 m3 /h, only needs 20 minutes  to purify the space of 100 ㎡

Multilayer filtration

The AVICHE Y4A purifier uses a 4-layer composite filter, including bamboo charcoal filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst layer. Different filters can remove different harmful substances in the air.

Multilayer filtration

(1) Bamboo charcoal filter: The new generation of bamboo fiber filters developed by AVICHE can not only resist bacteria and viruses, but also effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and viruses, and prevent secondary pollution to the air.

(2)HEPA filter: The HEPA filter can filter particles >0.3 microns in the air, including PM2.5, dust, pollen, second-hand smoke and other particulate matter, and the filtration rate is at least 99.97%.

(3)Activated carbon filter: Effectively absorb the odor in the air and keep the indoor fresh air.

(4)Photocatalyst layer: Effectively remove formaldehyde, photocatalyst coating, a strong degradation reaction will occur, so that formaldehyde is decomposed into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Multilayer filtration

NameSuper Air Purifier
Applicable Spaceup to 100 m2
Particle PM2.5 Filter out99.90%
UV SterilizationUV-C lamp
Filters 1  Bamboo charcoal filter ▶  HEPA filter  ▶ Activated carbon filter  ▶   4  Photocatalyst layer
Input PowerAC100-240 50Hz/60Hz
Wattage44 W
Size (LxWxH)312.5x627 mm
Net Weight9.4 kgs
Length of Power Line1.8m
Sterilization 1  UV Sterilization   ▶    2  HEPA filter Sterilization   ▶    3   Bamboo Fiber Sterilization  ▶   4  Bamboo Charcoal Adsorption Sterilization
Air Quality IndicatorGreen: Good
Blue: Moderate
Yellow: Unhealthy
Red: Very Unhealthy

  • Q1: Can an air purifier help with allergies?

    Yes, air purifiers can help reduce allergens like pollen, dust mites, and pet dander, providing relief for allergy sufferers

  • Q2: Can an air purifier help with asthma triggers other than dust and pollen?

    Yes, air purifiers can help reduce asthma triggers like pet dander, mold spores, and dust mites, providing a cleaner and healthier environment for individuals with asthma.

  • Q3: Can an air purifier help with mold spores?

    AVICHE Air purifiers with HEPA filters can capture and remove mold spores from the air, reducing their presence and potential health risks.

  • Q4: How often should I replace the HEPA filter?

    Replace the filter every 6 to 12 months

  • Q5: Do I need to replace the UV light?

    Yes, UV lamps have a limited lifespan. Contact us for operation video

  • Q6: How can the independent control center help me?

    The monitor provides real-time feedback on the air quality, allowing you to assess if the air purifier is effectively reducing pollutants or if additional measures are needed. It helps you maintain a healthier indoor environment.



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