AVICHE P10E High Accurate blood pressure monitor for pets AVICHE P10E High Accurate blood pressure monitor for pets

AVICHE P10 is designed for cat ,dog and other pets, lightweight design makes it even easier to accurately and conveniently get your pets' blood pressure readings.

High-definition  color LCD display, strong visibility.

Data storage function, up to 120 groups of data can be stored.

Six cuff: Can be selected according to different animal body type, accurate and compatible.

Contents in the package: Main unit / 6 different size cuffs / Power adaptor / User manual



  • Q1: Why is measuring blood pressure important for pets?

    Measuring blood pressure in pets helps assess their cardiovascular health, detect underlying medical conditions, monitor the response to treatment, and manage diseases such as hypertension.

  • Q2: How does a pet blood pressure monitor work?

    A pet blood pressure monitor typically uses an inflatable cuff placed around a limb or tail to detect the arterial pressure. It measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure, similar to human blood pressure monitors.

  • Q3: Can pet blood pressure monitors be used on different types of animals?

    Yes, there are blood pressure monitors specifically designed for different animal species, including dogs, cats, and even smaller animals like rabbits and ferrets.

  • Q4: Can I use a regular human blood pressure monitor on my pet?

    It is not recommended to use a regular human blood pressure monitor on pets. Pet-specific blood pressure monitors are calibrated and designed to accommodate the anatomy and blood pressure ranges of different animal species.

  • Q5: What factors can affect blood pressure readings in pets?

    Factors such as anxiety, pain, exercise, and the presence of other medical conditions can impact blood pressure readings in pets. It's essential to consider these factors and work with your veterinarian to obtain accurate measurements.

  • Q6: Are pet blood pressure monitors a substitute for veterinary care?

    Pet blood pressure monitors are a valuable tool, but they should not replace professional veterinary care. Regular visits to the veterinarian are essential to ensure accurate interpretation of blood pressure readings and comprehensive pet healthcare.

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